jueves, 19 de enero de 2012


[AUDCST061] Noisesurfer – Day 1

“Day 1″ was composed based on the concept of this new century, Ambient Breaks that attempt to form a musical reflection on social issues and new technologies, the environment or the fears raised about a new era, treated from a standpoint acid and reflexive. Noisesurfer attempts to create an atmosphere full of Breaks and Ambient sounds with spirit and soul, sounds intended for personal listening and causing the listener to be more encouraged. Trying to create sounds that resemble our times, incorporating various emotions; happiness, sadness and feeling of melancholy all from the sound, with no more lyrical input than just noise. Always with great passion for the music of the musicians that have inspired them. Please enjoy and thanks for listening & downloading this album.

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lunes, 9 de enero de 2012




Originally recorded Between 2010-2011 , songs by Noisesurfer for Ethno Indigo Records 2012
New Album From Noisesurfer with bonus folder with extra mixes from the original recordings by Noisesurfer.Combined Electronic Drones with Sapce Sounds,Synths Abstracts mixtures with Psychedlics rymthns in a spatial and magic noise journey around beatniks and feelings from the hearth & soul,passion for music of his author.Please enjoy sounds and thanks for listening.