Dinosaur Youth

Dinosaur Youth
Second (Official) Album  Created and Recorded between 2011 and 2012 Contains 14 New Ambient Post-Rock Songs and minimal noise sensations for make think and relax minds with lovely shoegaze textures.
Another great release from Sirona Records. This is the second LP from Dinosaur Youth

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Dinosaur Youth LP

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From the New Worck Mixtape by Dinosaur Youth
Dinosaur Youth – Noisydelics Progresive Beats Vol.1
The New Worck 422 of Dinosaur Youth
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Posted by Schobbejak on 11/20/11 â¢
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We need some noisy experimental music in these dark winter days! Dinosaur Youth knows the best progressive psychedelic noise rocks songs! âNoisydelics Progresive Beats Vol.1â² is a drone harsh mix! Thanks to Itsu Jitsu artist for support! Woosh metal!